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WordPress Website Slow To Load

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If your wordpress website slow to load and your looking at reasons for this, this article will help you to identify common reasons why and how you can identify the problems with your wordpress websites speed.

Some of the main reasons for WordPress Websites taking a long time to load are below, I will go into further detail in this article on how to resolve these problems too:

  • WordPress Plugins need updating
  • Too many Plugins on your wordpress website
  • WordPress is running on an out-dated version
  • Your website Theme is riddled with issues
  • Your PHP might be out of date
  • Your server might not be that powerful
  • On Page performance needs to be improved

Prevent your wordpress website slow to load

Before starting any of the below, I recommend you take a full backup of your wordpress website, if your unsure how to do this, it might be worth contacting your Coventry Website Developer

WordPress Plugins Update

To Update wordpress plugins on your website you need to login as an admin through wp-admin, then you will need to go to the plugins section in the left hand side of the navigation and update your plugins.

Too Many plugins on your wordpress website

As wordpress websites get older, you can tend to add more and more plugins to add more features and make your site quicker with different plugins for speed, the irony of this is it can slow your website down. Best thing to do here is look through your slow wordpress website plugins and identify any that you do not need. With any you do not need, if you ‘Deactivate’ these and test your website you will be able to see which plugins are needed and which plugin is slowing down your website.

WordPress is running an out-datede version of wordpress

This is the core part of your website and every so often WordPress provides updates to the platform that enhances speed as well as security of your wordpress website. The main benefit of this is speed, but also can prevent issues like WordPress Website Has Been Hacked. To update your wordpress core, you need to login to your wordpress website and look at the Dashboard, then click updates, this will take you to the buttons that allow you to update your wordpress core.

WordPress Theme is riddled with issues

There are thousands of themes out on the internet that can be used for wordpress websites, if these are not regularly maintained by the developer or updated when updates are released, this can cause your website to go slow or even stop working. If no update is available and you have tried the above, one way to see if your wordpress theme is a reason for speed issues, you can add a new theme and set this to be the active theme, in this case you can then see if your website seems faster to load, if this is the case, it might be time to udpate your theme or change your wordpress theme to a newer version.

PHP might be out of date

Another common reason for wordpress websites are running slow might be your PHP is running on an unsupported or older version that the most recent, with PHP this is the language wordpress runs off and PHP provides performance improvements and security improvements regularly. To get your PHP updated, you will need to contact your hosting provider, if your unsure who this is you could contact your website designers coventry who helped create your website and they will be able to provide further assistance, alternatively you could contact Coventry Clicks to assist with this update.

Your Server might not be that powerful

WordPress requires a certain amount of power to deliver a fast response to your customer, if your server is unable to perform certain wordpress requests this will add time to your website to take to load making you ask why is my wordpress website slow to load! If your current hosting provider is unable to provide optimum performance it might be time to think about changing hosting.

On Page Performance Needs to be improved

For on page speed, there is numerous factors that can influence speed, this is from design to images being too high res all the way to code not being used and too much code to display certain features of your website. One of the most common tools to use for checking the speed of your wordpress website and why it could be running slow is provided by Google which is called Page Speed Insights, here you can enter your website and it will give you a list of issues with your website and a speed score.

Can Coventry Clicks Help with WordPress website slow to load?

Yes! All you need to do is get in touch with the form at the bottom of this page or contact us with our details on our Contact Coventry Clicks Page. Here I am able to assist with Website Development and Website Design to improve the speed of your website.

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