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Harnessing the Power of Ecommerce with Coventry’s Expert Web Designers

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The growing importance of Ecommerce and the challenges faced.

Having a business that sells products or services that can also be purchased online is becoming a crucial part of any retail business. Ecommerce can assist with many things like growth for your business, ability to reach further audiences. The growth of ecommerce web designers completing websites has increased drastically with the 2022 ecommerce sales growth of 4.2 percent.

So many challenges can be faced with ecommerce websites, and we will touch on these in this blog post. But mostly, making it easy for the customer to find the right products, marketing the products to reach potential customers and making sure the design is suitable to your business and clear for all information that your customer needs to make an informative decision to purchase your products.

Benefits of using an expert web designer.

Ecommerce websites have hundreds of platforms to create and design available to you, but to get the most out of your ecommerce website you need a platform that is easier to manage and fully customisable to get the right design.

The most popular platforms are WordPress, Shopify and Magento, here you can have the managed products experience and get an expert web designer to style your website to be exactly how you want it and look professional. Focusing on designers’ collaboration for the web, experts in the industry will be focusing on the main points of:

Usability and user experience: Optimizing navigation, checkout processes, and mobile responsiveness.

Visual appeal and branding: Creating a strong brand identity and a visually appealing interface that resonates with the target audience.

Conversion optimization: Implementing elements that encourage visitors to purchase, like product listings, high-quality images, and CTAs.

Accessibility: Ensuring everyone can navigate and use the website, regardless of ability.

Getting the main parts of your website and web presence right with expert designers can help reduce the CTR by having a website with no difficulties for your potential customers.

Building Trust through expert web designers.

Every ecommerce brand now is competing against a number of other websites in the same area and industry, to stand out is one thing with design, but also building trust through expert design is important, you might be thinking about how can you build trust with expert web designers and the answer is simple, Have you ever been on a website and thought, ‘hmmm this don’t look safe’. In this case the design looking reliable and not looking rushed can help build confidence and trust in your visitors to enter their payment details. Ome examples of this are a consistent design, making sure all the pages they are viewing are consistent throughout. Having a modern design also builds trust that you as an ecommerce online business are regularly maintaining the design and website.  Another reason for an expert web designer for building trust is to avoid any negative experiences on the website, a few examples of this would be not finding what you’re looking for easily, having certain styles that look out of place, third part additions to your website that have not been styled to fit in with your ecommerce branding.

Working with an expert Coventry Web Designer.

Working with an Ecommerce web designer in Coventry can be one of the most beneficial ways of getting your brand to succeed online. At Coventry Clicks we collaborate with many Retail brands and ecommerce websites to improve or get started with their online journey.

The process when working with a Coventry expert web designer would be as follows:

  1. Define a target audience and user personas: Understand who your ideal customer is and their needs, whilst looking at a suitable design to meet the needs of the industry and your customers.
  2. Develop a sitemap and customer journey: This would be each page needed on the website to get the ecommerce brand across whilst also looking at any unique paths the customer might take to purchase a product. We would also be focusing on industry standards and using methods that ecommerce visitors are used to when buying something online.
  3. Design product pages and website content: Getting a design that fits in with your brand and gets the information you need across to your ecommerce customers clearly is important. The design will also be focusing on modern styles to build brand trust.
  4. Develop the Ecommerce website with the Coventry Expert Web Designers: The development phase will be implementing the new design from the Coventry Expert Web Designers and make sure it is developed with care and accuracy whilst maintaining a secure backend to the website. The developers of the ecommerce platform will also have other parts to focus on, from security to reliability.
  5. Test and Go Live: The Coventry Expert web designers will now spend time testing the website functionality of the ecommerce website and follow through the processes. Another test that will be happening is the design on multiple devices and screen sizes to make sure it is working.


Thank you for reading our article on Harnessing the power of ecommerce with Coventry’s expert web designers. We have looked at the growing importance of ecommerce with the challenges faced whilst looking at the common mistakes a self-build e-commerce web designer in Coventry might face when created without an expert web designer.

Overall, an expert web designer in Coventry is one of the leading ways to make sure your ecommerce website meets the needs of your new potential customers.

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