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Ecommerce Web Design Coventry

Ecommerce website Design Services in Coventry, start your online ecommerce store with elegant style and trustworthy feel for your customers to believe in.

Ecommerce Web Design Coventry

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Increase Sales

Having an Ecommerce website built in Coventry that can be fast and reliable for your customers improves the chance of your potential customers turning into real ones.

Built In Sales Tools

With your Ecommerce website you are able to provide better emails, better sales and coupons to your customers to entice them with making a purchase and much more

Secure Data

With the latest updates in our websites and providing security updates, our Ecommerce websites built in Coventry are made to last and keep your customers data safe

“Impromptu website calls & gym distractions! Thank you Luke Kay, for always going the extra mile! #WebDev”


Senior Digital Marketing Manager


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“Looks good. Thank you very much mate.”

Liam Gibson

CEO FateDate

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Our Other Services

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Website Development

Seamlessly bring your ideas to life with our expert Website Development solutions. Our team transforms concepts into functional, high-performance websites. Whether it’s a dynamic e-commerce platform or a sleek corporate site, we ensure robust functionality and a smooth user experience, fostering digital success for your business.


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How is your Ecommerce Website Made

Your Ecommerce Web Design Coventry is made in 4 easy steps, we can usually get Ecommerce websites completed from start to Finish in under 4 weeks.

Know Your Product

Your Ecommerce website needs to resemble your product and be suitable to your customers, this can be from style to the flow and what your industry standards are

Ecommerce Selection

If you don’t have an Ecommerce website already, you will need to make a decision about which payment method you would like to use and how products will be managed, in this case if your unsure we will be able to provide the right advice

Design & Development

Getting a plan and design for your website that suits you and feels right for you, once we have agreed on a stylish design that suits your ecommerce store, we will begin to develop the website which you will have complete transparency whilst in progress.

Ecommerce Training

With every website, you as the owner will want to know how to use the tools. Coventry Clicks will provide the right training and show you how to use your new website, this includes product management, customer management, viewing orders, handling payments and how to create offers and coupons.

Ecommerce Website Design Coventry

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Coventry Website Design

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You’ll gain access to local expertise. Ecommerce Web Design Coventry agencies understand the Coventry market and consumer trends, allowing them to tailor your website design to resonate with local customers. Additionally, better communication and faster turnaround times are often possible due to proximity.

Absolutely! We can evaluate your existing website and recommend the most efficient way to integrate ecommerce functionalities. This might involve revamping product pages, adding shopping carts, secure payment gateways, and ensuring a smooth user experience.

Here are some key features: User-friendly product navigation, high-quality product images and descriptions, secure payment processing, clear calls to action, mobile responsiveness, and easy-to-track analytics integration.

We prioritise search engine optimization (SEO) during the design process. This includes optimizing product pages with relevant keywords, creating a clean website structure, and ensuring fast loading times – all factors that contribute to higher search engine rankings.

For further SEO information for how to imrpove rankings and research the keywords you should be ranking for, why not take a look at our SEO services.

The cost varies depending on the project’s complexity and features. We offer consultations to assess your needs and provide a tailored quote. Budget-friendly options are available, and we strive for transparent pricing.

Roughly, the pricing can range from as low as £1,500 and depending on design level and features would impact the cost.

With Coventry Clicks you get 1 month of support and changes with every ecommerce website designed with us. This includes helping you use your new software and getting the most out of it. Any issues or minor changes you identify as well will be covered in the 1 month management and support.

We understand the importance of ongoing maintenance and support. We offer various support packages to suit your needs, including technical assistance, content updates, and marketing consultations to ensure your website continues to thrive.

We stay up-to-date on ecommerce regulations, particularly those specific to the UK and Coventry. We can guide you on incorporating essential elements like clear return policies, secure payment gateways, and GDPR compliance measures to ensure your website operates smoothly and legally.

Of course, we can use the websites you like as inspiration and ideas for developing and designing your new ecommerce website but we won’t copy exactly.

With every ecommerce web design Coventry we provide 2 designs to choose from and based on your feedback we can complete a final design ready for the build.