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Luke Kay

Websites, Web Apps, Mobile Apps

I have been working in the web industry for over 9 years now. My experience is in a variety of languages and I provide the best support to my customers. I have worked on most size projects, whether this is a small start-up business to a global business providing SaaS solutions.

What kind of projects do I work on?

In most cases, I am able to provide my expertise to your needs. If your unsure about whether your project is suitable for me, why not drop me an email and I can let you know, the worst case is I provide advice and point you in the right direction.


I work on any website project that you might have, this can be adding additional features to an existing website or working on a project from scratch. This includes websites, mobile applications and design work. Bespoke projects can include business solutions, concepts to E-Commerce projects.


If you own a business and are looking to outsource consultancy IT or website management work, your more than welcome to contact me to consult with your requirements. Usually this can include auditing your website, providing guidance for your business or analysing your current website or Marketing partners performance.


You might have a website already and unsure on how to attract more customers or traffic, in this case marketing your website to your audience whilst fitting within your budget is something I am able to assist with.

Ad-Hoc Tasks

You might have a one off task that needs completing and your in a position where your current website provider or agency are unavailable or you own your website and are looking for an hour or 2 support or development here and there, in this case I am able to complete ad-hoc tasks for you.

Just a few of my Expertise

One of the most popular services.

If your looking for me on either LinkedIn, or facebook, my username is Luke Kay. I have added links below for you to get in touch as well on WhatsApp or LinkedIn.

One of the most popular services I provide is website design, if your looking for more information about my website design services, follow the link below.