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Website Developer Coventry

Coventry Clicks is a focusing on Website Developer Coventry as a focus point for one of our main services, if your looking to add some new development to your website, look no further.

Website Development Coventry

What website development do I offer?

WordPress Development

WordPress websites are all over the internet, I have worked on numerous of new wordpress development projects and improved already live wordpres websites through development.

Some recent Coventry based website development includes improving data collection, fixing forms, speeding up wordpress websites, reducing the amount of plugins, updating to the latest security and software.

Bespoke Development

Other websites might be developed by developers in different languages that don’t involve a CMS system like wordpress, for example, PHP or C#. 

I currently work on projects that are in the following languages, PHP, C#, .NET, React Native, jQuery.

If you are looking to contract out specific bespoke development, please get in touch for more details on how we can work together.

Website Developer Coventry

Our Website Development Process

Once starting a project, depending on how urgent or how big or small the project is, transparency is key throughout the development cycle. I am able to work in either waterfall or Agile depending on your needs,

Planning & Design

We need to define the scope of the development project and focus on the target audience and the main key features. Here we will mockup and wireframe and choose the most suitable technologies.

Development & Updates

Next is to get the developer onto the project, here we can work towards your deadline in an Agile way to make sure you have complete transparency of any version changes and updates that happen to allow for continuous development.

Testing & Improvements

Once we are near completed with development, even though testing will be completed alongside the Development, we need to test and imrpove your new or updated website with rigorous testing.

Launch & Support

Now your happy with your web based project, and the development is completed. We can all grab a drink in Coventry or somewhere fancier to celebrate the launch of your completed development project. 

What aftercare do I get with you?

With every project I develop, I provide a at least 1 months support (can be up to 6 months). Within these months, i will provide the relevant handover and training to make sure you get the most out of your new website or web-app.

With every newly released project there will always be a rapid response to any enquiry or issue you may face. You will already have experienced this through the development of your project and will be comfortable with the level of attention I have towards my customers.

For more in-depth support and aftercare, we can discuss this before any project begins to make sure I can meet your companys needs.

Our Other Services

Website Design

Elevate your digital presence with our captivating Website Design services. We craft visually stunning, user-friendly interfaces tailored to resonate with your brand. Unleash the potential of engaging aesthetics and intuitive navigation, ensuring a lasting impression that sets you apart in the digital landscape.


Propel your online visibility with our targeted Website Marketing strategies. From search engine optimization (SEO) to pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, we optimize your digital footprint. Watch as your website climbs search rankings and attracts the right audience, driving traffic and conversions that contribute to your business growth

Website Support

Enjoy peace of mind with our reliable Website Support services. Our dedicated team ensures your website runs seamlessly, addressing any issues promptly. From regular maintenance to troubleshooting, we’ve got you covered. Trust us to keep your digital presence robust and resilient, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your core business.

“Impromptu website calls & gym distractions! Thank you Luke Kay, for always going the extra mile! #WebDev”


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So the offending plugin has been disabled, thx”



“Looks good. Thank you very much mate.”

Liam Gibson

CEO FateDate

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What clients have to say

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Ask us anything

This is a very difficult question to answer as there are so many factors when looking at web development.

If your website is a basic website with no bespoke features or any dashboard or customised development specific to your website the usual timing would be around 2 – 4 weeks including design.

If you are looking for a fully customised and bespoke website the timing would be project specific.

Yes, for every website we developed in Coventry we provide at least 1 month support and maintenance to make sure your website is working to standard and we assist with getting used to your new business tool.

For each project we also provide ongoing support on an agreement which would be based on the development you have completed with us.

At Coventry Clicks we have a variety of developers with different skills. Mostly we develop in PHP, C#, HTML, CSS, SQL, WordPress, Magento, Shopify, React

If you have another language being used or CMS system for your website, or you are unsure, why not get in touch with us for some free advice!

Every website we create and develop will work on every size screen. As a standard in the website industry now for development it must be fully mobile responsive.

Included in every website development project is a design.

We provide 2 types of designs for the website development Coventry service:

  1. Template, This is a low cost way to have a design on your website, it will still be fully responsive but restricted on design and features available. It will look good but it will never be as good as a bespoke design. If you choose a templated design you will get the choice of styles available
  2. Custom Design, With a custom design this will take a few weeks to get right, Coventry developers will work with designers to get a perfect design for your new website

With every project there is many website development factors we need to take into consideration. I have provided some range prices below so you can have an idea of costs.

For a brochure website you are looking around the £600 – £1500 mark.

For an ecommerce website design, you are looking around the £1500 – £5000

The prices above are ranged based on pages and design style. Each project is unique and needs to be quoted separately.

Any other bespoke project would be difficult to provide a range for as this is based on the complexity of the project.

Yes, With the website development Coventry you will be in full ownership of your code and system once payment has been made in full.

If you opt for a monthly payment schedule, once all monthly payments in the agreement have been made you will have full ownership of your code.

Yes, every website development project that we complete in Coventry has training to show you how to fully utilise your system.

Once the website has been live, we usually schedule a one-to-one session to show you the ins and outs of your system. With some of the CMS systems we build the websites on one session may not be enough, in this case we will provide extra sessions to make sure your comfortable and confident using your system.

With every Coventry Clicks website developed, we will always be available for support, and anything under 15 minutes is free.