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Coventry Website Design

Coventry Website Design is a service we provide at Coventry Clicks. We focus on high quality design and deliver eye catching Websites for your customers to enjoy.

Web Design Coventry

A Web Design in Coventry that suits your business, based in Coventry.

The Latest Trends

Coventry Web designers are always changing the web design styles being used, in the past 5 years the designs have been influenced by big brands like Apple, Google and others.

Keeping your website modern, engaging and easy to use for your website visitors can help build credibility and keep your vistiors engaged.

Inuitive Web Design Company

Having Experience within the website industry and creating more website than some Coventry Agency, I have the intuition to know what is going to best suit the style and design of your business, service or products.

Making your website as easy as possible to understand and user friendly is so important, a bad design can negatively influence your traffic and conversion.

best Coventry Website Design

Our Coventry Website Design Process

When you start your design process with Coventry Clicks we make it as easy as possible for you!

Your Goals & Audience

Understanding your websites target audience and what you aim to acheive with your website is the best starting point, here we can see what design will help to acheive your goals. We will also get a feel for your business and start to bring some ideas to life.

Website Planning

Planning a user journey will help to understand how many pages we need for your website, and what kind of flow we need to get the website to, here we can sitemap the website and being to develop wireframes with placements of each content we want on each page.

Design & Development

Here we will brainstorm a few styles and design that we believe will suit your business, this includes typography, colour scheme and imagery. We will then sign off a design and develop into your new website.

Testing & Launch

Testing thoroughly through the website, including any functionality, links and forms. Once tested we will launch the website and place this for your vistiors to see. With a go-live, we will help setup analytics and submit to googles search console.

Website Designers Coventry

Web Designers in Coventry

There are loads of web designers in Coventry, and it’s possible you will have quotes for website designs already, in this case we are very competitive with pricing and can price match against almost every quotation you get.

It is worth knowing that I am a freelancer and the support you will get from me is second to none. I am very responsive and usually get websites designed within 1 week.

Our Other Services

Website Development

Seamlessly bring your ideas to life with our expert Website Development solutions. Our team transforms concepts into functional, high-performance websites. Whether it’s a dynamic e-commerce platform or a sleek corporate site, we ensure robust functionality and a smooth user experience, fostering digital success for your business.


Propel your online visibility with our targeted Website Marketing strategies. From search engine optimization (SEO) to pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, we optimize your digital footprint. Watch as your website climbs search rankings and attracts the right audience, driving traffic and conversions that contribute to your business growth

Website Support

Enjoy peace of mind with our reliable Website Support services. Our dedicated team ensures your website runs seamlessly, addressing any issues promptly. From regular maintenance to troubleshooting, we’ve got you covered. Trust us to keep your digital presence robust and resilient, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your core business.

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Coventry Website Design

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Every website design in coventry has its own timeframe, the length of time a website takes to design can be reflected upon complexity to the involvement of clients.

For complexity, if you have very interactive web pages for your visitors or you have many different elements to the website, this can add more time to a design phase.

When it comes to involvement, the more involved you are at the start where we might have some questions about your business or service and how you want certain aspects of your website that you consider important, if you are quick with responses this won’t affect the design timeframe, but if you take a few days, this would increase the time to complete a web design Coventry.

Overall, the average time to complete a website design in Coventry from start to finish can be 2 to 4 weeks.

Yes! We love when a customer has inspiration in mind and this is something we ask on a regular basis, ‘Have you seen a website design in Coventry that you like the look of?’ 

With this information we are able to pin point the style you are after for your website. But, we cannot completely replicate another website, we can only take inspiration from them.

If you don’t know what you want your new website design to look like, no problem we can give you a few options to choose from in the design phase.

We hope every website we create leads to more leads. All of our websites created are made to a high standard with fast loading times and some on page SEO and we will submit all websites to Google and Bing search engines.

The answer is No to the question above, as much as a web design and development can improve where you currently are, there is no guarantee it will improve leads.

To generate more leads from a website, you will need to look at services like SEO Coventry or Google Ads Management Coventry

The inevitable question that everyone needs to know when starting a website design in Coventry.

For a brochure website you are looking around the £600 – £1500 mark.

For an ecommerce website design, you are looking around the £1500 – £5000

The prices above are ranged based on pages and design style. Each project is unique and needs to be quoted separately.

Any other bespoke project would be difficult to ballpark as this is based on the complexity of the project.

Yes, of course you can!

With any website design Coventry project we are able to breakdown into monthly payments, we would setup a direct debit and an agreement for the monthly terms. We offfer a maximum of 6 months.

If you are looking to host your website external to Coventry Clicks then a pay monthly option is not available.

Every Coventry Web design project completed, the client who has paid for the website has the right over the code.

Yes, you own your website.

If you have opted for a pay monthly option, you do not own your website until the final payment has been made on your website project.

With maintaining a website and keeping it live, there is some other costs that you need to be aware of:

  • Hosting, this is where your website is stored and accessed over the internet, its important to have good and reliable hosting so that your website is fast and live. Coventry Clicks offers hosting packages, Click here to see them. 
  • Domain, This would be the website name you search to get to your website, for example to get to this website, you need to go to the domain coventryclicks.co.uk
  • Website Maintenance, this would be security updates, changes to your website that you might want for offers and new content, and making sure your site is fast with the latest technologies. All our website design’s are completed with the latest updates and technologies available at the time

All of our completed website design Coventry projects are submitted to Google and Bing and can be found searching for your website domain.

However, it is important to know that to be found for certain keywords you would need to be looking at an SEO package to be found for so many SEO terms.

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