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Do website designers charge a consultation fee?

Consultation fee's do occur in some cases, but at Coventry Clicks they are free and included within any project quotation.

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Coventry Clicks offers free website design Consiltation, get your ideas and thoughts across to us and we can help give you advice and estimations for any projects.

Some Coventry Designers do charge a consultation fee just for an inital breif about your website idea, this isn’t a great way to get started especially if your looking for prices or even just some advice. A typical charge for a website design consultation can range anywhere from £75 to £250 per hour. If your looking for a more complex project consultation would be built into the price of your project, but if your lookign for design ideas and brainstorming, this should be included in the project quotation provided by the designer.

Consultation can include many different reasons, these can be for Website Development Services which can lead to a more detailed specification of what you want to have created and developed for your website. Another example could be discussions with third party software or integrations to your website where you need a developer or designer to assist with your website and your third party needs this assistance too.

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